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Three Reasons Why the Resurrection of Jesus Matters

Every year billions of people gather across the world to celebrate Easter. For some, Easter is simply an opportunity to get together with family, paint eggs, and eat chocolate bunnies. Most people, however, celebrate Easter in remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But is the resurrection of Jesus Christ worth celebrating? Is his resurrection anything more than just a neat fact of human history? Perhaps you have thought, ‘Okay I believe Jesus rose from the dead. But what difference does that make for my life?’ Here are three reasons why the resurrection of Jesus Christ matters for you and for me.

1) The resurrection of Jesus Christ confirms everything Jesus ever said about himself to be true. Some people say Jesus was a good moral teacher or a great prophet, but Jesus made much loftier claims concerning his own identity. Jesus claimed to be pre-existent (John 17:5), the Son of God (John 10:36), equal with God (John 10:30), the source of life (John 14:6), the savior (John 3:16), and the only way to a saving relationship with God (John 14:6). The resurrection of Jesus vindicates every claim he ever made concerning himself.

2) The resurrection of Jesus Christ confirms that he is the king of the world. After he rose from the dead, Jesus told his disciples, “All authority on heaven and earth has been given to me” (Matt 28:18). By overcoming death Jesus established himself as the king of the entire cosmos. He wields supreme authority over all of creation and every person who has ever lived will be held accountable to him. At this very moment he sits on the highest throne in the universe at the right hand of God. One day he will make all of his enemies a footstool for his feet (Psalm 110:1).

3) The resurrection of Jesus Christ means that eternal life is available for you and for me. Nobody can escape death. Everyone born on this earth will one day die. Why? Why does everyone die? Simply put, everyone dies because everyone sins. Death is sin’s reward. Many people believe that they will go to heaven because they are a “good” person. But death proves that nobody is good. Good people would not die. Good people would not be under a death sentence. Death is the loud and clear evidence that no one is good. So what hope do we have for life beyond the grave? Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live, even though he die” (John 11:25). The resurrection of Jesus is God’s answer to the problem of sin and death. Jesus paid the full price for sin through his sacrificial death on the cross and conquered death’s power when he walked out of the grave. Therefore, anyone who repents of sin and believes that Jesus Christ died and rose again will be forgiven their sins and spend eternity with God. God will not accept unbelief or our best attempts to earn his favor. Jesus has done all the work for us! He is the only truly ‘good’ person. This is why death had no claim over him. So what does Easter mean to you? Have you repented of your sin and your self-righteousness and surrendered your life to Jesus Christ? Let today be the day you receive the gift of eternal life.

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