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Internship Program


Our desire is to cultivate an environment where an intern can grow in their love for our Triune God, His Word, and His Church. This program will seek to equip men with a theological and ecclesiological foundation for the work of pastoral ministry. Our hope is that our interns will leave this program with greater clarity and understanding on what the Bible teaches about the pastoral office and the doctrine of the church. In addition, our aim to help interns grow in their ability to teach sound doctrine and lead the PURPOSE corporate gathering.


  • Interns will have a list of resources including books, articles, and lectures to assist them in growing in a knowledge and love for God. These resources will cover an array of subjects including topics such as ecclesiology and soteriology. Interns will be expected to absorb these materials and then apply them through writing, discussion, and teaching. This may look like a book review, an in-depth conversation over a meal, or even a lesson plan that may be taught to others.

  • In addition, an intern can expect to do an extensive study of a book of the Bible and prepare teaching material from it.

  • Interns will be expected to take periodic one-day colloquiums through The Salt Lake School of Theology.


  • Interns will be expected to become members of Crossroads Church for their benefit and the benefit of others as we grow together as a family. They can expect to: • Worship together with the body on Sunday mornings • Serve in a ministry of the church (Youth, Sound, Greeting, etc.) • Be a part of a small group • Assist with/be a part of a theological training program • Attend the following with a pastor: • Weddings, funerals, hospital visits, and elders’ meetings


  • We believe that discipleship happens two ways. Interns will be expected to be REQUIREMENTS discipled by an elder(s) and to disciple someone else in the church. An outcome of biblical discipleship is multiplication, so we hope to model that in our internship program as well.


  • Prayer is essential to our relationship with God. It should fuel every area of the internship. Some specific areas of application will be regular prayer for the members of our church and ministry in Utah, having opportunities to lead corporate prayer on Sundays, and consistent prayer with other believers.


  • There will be opportunities to teach God’s Word in this internship program. Interns will prepare their material with pastoral assistance and receive encouragement as they grow in their ability to teach God’s Word in a public setting.


What is the length of the internship?

  • The length of the internship depends upon the weekly responsibilities of each intern. While the core content will remain the same for each intern, the time it takes to complete it will be between one and two years, depending upon the pace set by the individual intern. This program will be a healthy stretch in terms of time management and finances, but we don't want to see interns neglecting family and financial responsibilities in order to complete the program at an accelerated pace.

Is this a paid internship?

  • This is currently an unpaid internship. Those in the internship program must have some other form of income and healthcare available to them. We cannot guarantee housing but will assist the aspiring intern in finding somewhere to live to make the transition easier. Crossroads can help provide many of the learning materials needed to complete the internship.

Can I get seminary credit for the internship?

  • Interns can earn seminary credit with this internship in the Applied Ministry or other seminary equivalent class. Crossroads also works closely with the Salt Lake School of Theology which offers an accredited masters program. More details regarding this can be discussed.

What does a typical week look like?

  • A schedule can vary between interns based on their work and/or family responsibilities. Expect to be available to serve on Sundays, serve in a ministry, and work on materials through the rest of the week. There will also be infrequent events throughout the year to attend. Additionally, interns will be able to be a part of the infancy stages of a discipleship program at Crossroads and can enjoy helping with this exciting new ministry that will occur weekly throughout the fall and spring. Interns will also have the opportunity to meet with an elder during the week to discuss the materials.

Will this internship guarantee me a future pastoral role?

  • This internship does not guarantee any kind of future church position, but we hope to help cultivate a servant heart for wherever an intern pursues ministry.

To Apply: Download the application here and follow the instructions included.

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